Your Source for Luxurious Long Weekends and Adventures

Your Source for Luxurious Long Weekends and Adventures

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Meet Julie, the visionary behind This Is Luxury Travel, your ultimate gateway to a world of extraordinary travel and adventure. Splitting her time between the mesmerizing landscapes of Bali and exploring the globe’s most fantastic destinations, Julie is dedicated to bringing you unparalleled travel experiences.

Passionate about travel, yoga, and scuba diving, Julie shares the wonders of the world, offering practical tips to make your vacations unforgettable. This site is not for the typical backpacker; instead, it’s a resource for those looking to maximize their holidays with comfort and luxury.

From long, luxurious weekends to exhilarating diving trips and epic two-week adventures to remote locales, This Is Luxury Travel provides the insights you need for a truly remarkable journey. Join Julie on a voyage where comfort meets adventure, ensuring your holidays are extraordinary in every way. Discover the best of travel with practical wisdom and insider tips for the most comfortable and unforgettable experiences.

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